After sales service

After sales service

After sales service

In addition to providing excellent products, Yunguangtong also has a good after-sales service system, such as 24-hour call service, and regular maintenance inspections, to fully cooperate with customers' operational needs.

Construction period (delivery period)

Yunguangtong has rich experience and technical skills, especially the cooperation and grasp of the project progress, and unique experience and experience, which can help customers to complete the project smoothly according to schedule.

Quality guarantee clause

All products of Yunguangtong are strictly controlled in terms of material quality, especially the construction technology, construction quality and coordination degree, which are appreciated by customers. In addition, the relevant quality assurance provisions are shown in the contract as in accordance with.


The large and small projects undertaken by the company so far have accumulated a wealth of engineering experience and conducted in-depth research on the possible defects of the material racks in order to become more perfect.

We can measure the site for you free of charge, provide planning and design drawings, you are welcome to call or leave contact information, we will ask someone to contact you as soon as possible.

Our team has rich professional experience to plan the rack design that meets all types of customers, to achieve the best storage rack planning and configuration that maximizes the storage capacity and the smoothest entry and exit operations, so that customers can make the most of their products and improve their work. effectiveness.