People flow / logistics / information flow / efficiency

The most basic and final goal of logistics-people flow / logistics / information flow / efficiency-multiple considerations to achieve optimization. The company started with the import, sales and maintenance of traditional transportation equipment. As the industry changed, it further increased its warehouse design / warehouse equipment services.

Recently, the rise of the retail industry, and the emergence of automated conveying equipment. Under the difficulty of obtaining land and labor, the automation solution of applying AI wisdom in the logistics industry is becoming more and more widespread. POWER LOOK is accompanied by customer needs, but it continues to grow and expand. Currently services Contents include: land planning, factory building, storage equipment planning and construction, comprehensive project evaluation, professional team's high-precision construction and perfect after-sales service, etc...

In a blink of an eye, Power Look has more than 30 years of in-depth cultivation experience in Taiwan, and manufacturers that have coached have blossomed all over the world.

The first step to success

Sincerity and responsibility are the only attitude of Yunguangtong. In the future, we will continue to inherit this unchanged principle.

The best plan for the owner is the best plan:

From "planning design" → "installation construction" → "test and test collection" → "maintenance and maintenance" → "migration site" → "used recycling",

In each link, Yunguangtong provides one-stop service “one transaction, sustainable service”.

"The right choice" is the first step towards success.

Toss us the trivial troubles, and dedicate you to enjoy the vast sea and sky.

Customer base

※ Huge (Giant), Hetai Automobile, Shunyi Automobile, Dongxing Automobile, Honda Automobile ...
※ Fubon (MOMO), Darong Cargo, Anli, Jiemeng, Xinke, Dongyuan, Kintetsu, Quantai ... Logistics
※ Global Cement, Taiwan Glass, Taiwan Sanju, Taiwan Panasonic, Guolian Silicon, Chongyou Elevator, Huarong Wire
※ Orange Bear Technology, Shin Kong Mitsukoshi, Taiwan Daiso, Deli Movies, Asia Art International, Rolling Stone International, Rose Record ...
※ Yuli Pharmaceutical, Xinghui Pharmaceutical, Jingtian Pharmaceutical, Weicai Pharmaceutical, Hexin Hospital, Xingyi Medical Supplies ...
※ Jingyuan Electronics, Luoda Electronics, Kefeng, Xude Technology, Hengyang International, Taishan Electronics ...
※ Ding Taifeng, Lianhua Industrial, Laya Burger, Sanshugong Food, Bean House (Cuiguo), Dr. Jiang Yupu ...
※ Oder Furniture, Shenghengchang Duty Free Shop, Taiwan University of Technology Books, Sancai Books, Wunan Books ...
※ In all walks of life, it is too late to prepare...

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